Danni Auch, NLP Master Practitioner, is excited to introduce NLP (Neuro-Linguistic- Programming) and Time Line Therapy® to Coffs Harbour. Last year Danni completed her NLP Trainer, which enables her to teach NLP and Time Line Therapy®.

NLP is the study of excellence that can help you achieve life’s goals by motivating you to change your negative behavior. NLP helps you to understand how your mind works, break your bad habits and get the positive results you truly want.

“I am very interested in how the brain works and the huge potential we all have,” explains Danni, “to help people to deepen and expand their insights they make and how to use the language of the mind to achieve their desired outcomes.” “This weekend was one of the most amazing of my life. Working through emotional roadblocks and clearing them to a road of future freedoms to do anything I choose. The workshop was super rewarding! I recommend it to anyone.“ Amanda, attendee of AYE

Already a qualified and experienced homoeopath and remedial massage therapist, Danni has been working in the natural health industry for the last 15 years. She was the proud owner of the successful health clinic, REMEDIA, in the Coffs Harbour CBD for eight years.

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