My passion is to inspire, motivate and help you to reach your full potential in life!

In the many years I have been working in the holistic health industry I have come across a lot of mental health issues.

One in particular I have found very common is anxiety. Anxiety is often produced by anticipation of future events and manifests as the fear of the future. Depression, on the other hand, is mostly related to issues from the past. Anxiety can happen to anyone, it is not discriminating!

Anxiety is far more present than 20 years ago and is one of the most common mental health problems in the Western world.

Our lifestyle has changed to encourage anxious patterns. Everything is faster, we have more working hours, higher performance expectations and the pressure from our jobs or our family situations don’t help.

Anxiety can be present in students, employees, business owners. Often, it gets shoved away as a taboo issue to talk about as people feel embarrassed or think they are the only ones with the experience.

The positive aspect is, anxiety, acute or chronic is treatable! I have helped many people to overcome anxiety and stress. I offer certain techniques, to release anxiety, one of them is Time Line Therapy®, which helps people to let go of fear, anger, sadness and other presented unwanted emotions.
Therefore anxiety doesn’t take over and stops you from functioning .

Don’t let anxiety limit your life choices!


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