I was invited to attend an International seminar in India. Homoeopaths from all over the world met for 7 days at the HRC ( Homoeopathic Research and Charities) to exchange their knowledge and new insights into this holistic healing method. The HRC is located near a pristine lake in the hills, 2 hours east of Mumbai. “Our accommodation was in an ashram nearby, and every morning we woke up with the gongs and bells from the temple. The priests decorated statues and gave out holly biscuits to start the day”.

The homoeopathic talks were on depression, psychiatric illnesses, also a big topic was the treatment of children. I also gave a talk on a gallbladder problem, which was well received and stimulated an interesting discussion.

“The conference was a unique event, with the focus on learning by sharing each others experiences.”The main reason why Homoeopathy has such deep healing abilities is because every person is regarded as an individual, therefor —the mind—the emotion and the physical condition is carefully considered in the selection of the homoeopathic remedy. By taking this individualised homoeopathic medicine the process of a healing from within can begin. This deep healing helps to establish the inner balance.

“India is a homoeopathic paradise”. Homoeopathy is widely accepted and consistently used as a daily medicine, also homoeopathic hospitals are available. After the seminar I was invited by an Indian colleague, Mahesh Gandhi, to experience his successful homoeopathic clinic in Mumbai. Mahesh is a professional psychiatrist who chooses to treat his clients only with Homoeopathic medicine.

I feel fully rewarded and inspired by participating with so many great Homoeopaths at this wonderful international conference.

Danni Auch, Adv.Dip Homoeopath and Business Owner at Health Success

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