From the Local to the Global


Insights from Rajan Sankaran and Jayesh Shah presented by Danni Auch       27.04.07

The sensation is the Global in the Local
Local: Belonging or relating to a particular area or neighbourhood, typically exclusive.
Global: Relating to or embracing the whole of something, or a group of things. The global is general and goes beyond space and time
(embracing means including or containing as a constituent part)

The Global will be the common part of everything in the person, including the local, general and physical.
“It is the basic core, the true vital sensation”

Local can be in a location in the body or a system, or a part of life where the problem is, e.g. work, relationship, finances, family etc.
Local is also something in a particular period in time, in a given time frame.
Local is bound in space and time, anything localised in an area or time….
What is it in this local thing that goes beyond time and space, into which is applicable into the whole being for all time, past, present and imaginable future?

When we take the questioning of the patient deeper and deeper we come from the local to the global, this is where we see the unifying principle in all the phenomena of that person in space and time and this is that sensation we are looking for!
Once we get there, every phenomena in space and time of that person will boil down to the same sensation!
This is where we want to look for to get the resonance of the Homoeopathic remedy, this is when deep healing happens.
“Homoeopathy the healing from within”.


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